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FindMyStore is an interactive store locator software that helps customers get all the essential information – route, distance, and ETA related to your store with just a click. You can install it in minutes with minimal coding.

Why FindMyStore?

  • Uses location intelligence of Google Maps to allow real-time visibility of stores
  • Gives insights into users' search behavior, powered using Google analytics
  • Helps capture store searches, to track leads, and convert them into customers
  • Easy to set up on top of your website or mobile app with minimal coding, in no time
  • Allows multiple personalized customizations such as adding, removing, and editing products

Advantages of FindMyStore

Built on top of Google Maps

The store locator software uses reliable, accurate, and enriched Google Maps technology to build an agile, customizable experience. It highlights your store locations and provides visibility of your brick and mortar stores.

Minimal coding

It is easily configurable and customizable with minimal coding. Once the platform is set on your application, the design console is used to edit the interface of your store locator.

Real-time user behavior insights

FindMyStore helps analyze the most searched locations and commonly searched items. It identifies the source of website traffic using Google Analytics data to help provide a customized customer experience.

Benefits of Using FindMyStore

Steady increase in-store footfall

  • Drive your online customers to the nearest store
  • Make website visitors aware of the nearby brick and mortar locations
  • Save customer time and resources navigating to the nearest store

Easy information sharing for brand reputation

  • Share information like store operating timings, availability of products, store manager number, reviews, and pictures
  • Help customers narrow their search using filters
  • In-store customer support for queries

Accurate insights into your customers' search behavior

  • Get data about the top searched stores and commonly searched items
  • Track website traffic and boost engagement
  • Gain online insights to make offline decisions

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How FindMyStore Works

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