Searce is featured on Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest growing company in the US.


We create innovative technology solutions leading to business transformation for the logistics industry and for cloud enablement.

Logistics Analytics: Dashboards and Analytics for improving order-to-cash cycles. Improving ship to invoice and first time right invoicing. Invoize - Our proprietary invoicing and pricing analytics platform is designed to improve order-to-cash efficiencies for large global 3PLs operating in a multimodal environment.

Cloud Solutions: We leverage Google's cloud platform to build products that transforms communication and collaboration for various industries. Our products seamlessly talk to Google Apps for Work and automate workflows for various business needs.

As your strategic cloud partner Searce helps create and innovate solutions that matches your business requirements.

We developed an invoicing solution that seamlessly plugged in to our client's legacy infrastructure and workflows.

Feature-set ? Strategy

We help you crystallize your product strategy, and based on that we flesh-out your feature set. Our architects co-create with your team to design the perfect technical solution for your business needs. Next, our developers craft the solution first into a working prototype and then into a polished application. Our teams are Uncomfortably Transparent: Clear controls and feedback at every step allow you a 100% transparent view of our build and deploy process right up to the point where we transition the product to your end-user.

Recruitment = Only the best will make it

We have a No Chumps' policy, and hire only the very best technologists and domain experts we can find sharpshooters who love to munch on tough technical and business problems before breakfast.

We use an Agile culture that encourages frequent interactions, self-organizing teams, sprint-based iterative development, short turnaround times, and uses Kanban and Scrum to make frequent deliveries of tested and working software.

We are a learning organization, and believe in continuously scaling up the skill and knowledge levels of our team members.

Audacious = Agile + Agnostic

We aim at Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Most walls at Searce have giant white boards with tons of scribbles, diagrams, flowcharts and post-lists which allow Searcians to free-fall their way to breakthrough and potentially game-changing solutions that are sure to wow you.

We adopt a partner-centric approach by deploying experienced and dedicated agile teams, and by creating a project-dedicated team around each new project.

Our Snake-charmers are proudly Tech and Vertical Agnostic

We do not swear by any specific platform, programming language or set of tools: we are committed to using whatever is most appropriate to resolve your business challenges.

We possess deep expertise in creating SaaS-based Products that work across Web, Mobile and Cloud.

We choose to remain technology-agnostic, and use the most appropriate tools to engineer robust, high-performance and scalable products.

Clean Code = Dirty Hands

We do not have any pure management positions; everyone gets their hands dirty.

To maintain a high level of agility, Searce deploys very small teams of very smart hands-on people - including Architects, Analysts, UX Designers and Geeks, with expertise in workflow, user experience and business process design who engineer effective software systems.

User Experience = Everything

Users today spend a vast majority of their day interacting with glowing rectangles of different sizes, and expect a uniform experience on each one of them!

Our designers create personas and focus groups to analyze and foresee how users are likely to use a software product on a wide variety of devices, and implement responsive design principles to ensure a consistently enjoyable experience, while simultaneously forging more sophisticated relationships with the users of the software.

Future-proof your product

Newer technologies and disruptive innovations are continuously reshaping the way the world uses software products. If you don't start future proofing your legacy product, you will be out of the game soon. (We have a formula for this - insert a creative decreasing exponential equation)

Experience = Knowing which mistakes to avoid!

Creating modern Business Systems needs much more than Technology Skills!

We augment our teams with analysts and consultants who have rich experience in the domains and verticals relevant to you. Our teams possess deep domain knowledge and capabilities in Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing, 3PL and 4PL, HR, Payroll, Workflow solutions.

For Customers, it is All or Nothing

We practice Extreme Customer Focus. When we take on a software project, we guarantee clean coding standards, professional project management, total transparency, clear unambiguous communication and highly dependable support.

Our expertise lies in these technologies

  • Python, PHP, .NET
  • Angular.js, backbone.js, Jquery, Javascript
  • MongoDB, DynamoDB, Google CloudSQL, Datastore, MSSQL, MySQL
  • GAE, EC2
Invoize Solution

Invoize is a solution suite to help improve logistics billing such that billers can bill & payers can pay right the first time.

At a Glance

  • On a timely basis
  • With minimal effort
  • Providing greater transparency
  • Improved accountability
  • Ensuring adequate control


  • Invoize Profiles: Centralized current & historical biller/payer metadata, billing & invoice delivery, invoice receipt and audit entities, hierarchies, SOPs.
  • Tariff Management: Refreshingly easy to manage account owners, update tariffs & query rates from current or historical tariffs, calculate rates, audit rates based on a highly available, fault tolerant cloud based tariff engine.
  • Quote Management: Manage quote requests, decision support for the account owner/pricing team, quote approval workflow, finalized quote notification to customer, quote dispute and discussion, approved quote notification to billers, customers and payers through a single interface.
  • Invoize Billright: Assures Bill right the first time - All delivery modes invoicing with delivery and approval tracking, flexible custom delivery profiles basis custom/complex rules.
  • Invoize Payright: Assures Pay right the first time - Carrier Invoice & 3PL invoice receipt, audit, online approval/dispute management, invoice analytics.

Client Speak

"Searce clearly puts people before technology. While most vendors suggest based on their development expertise, Searce provided us with a solution that leverages our team and work culture. We enjoyed working with their team."


Our discovery processes dive deep into your existing operations to discover the exact inflection points that impact your business.

We use these insights to drive our business-process improvement solutions to ensure that your internal processes are fine tuned and augmented by technology and people to deliver true value for your clients and stakeholders.

We hire for the improvement attitude. Not prior experience.

Our Process Improvement Analysts work within your environment and as a part of your team.

Improvement consultants at Searce have years of business-process experience. Our background in Operations Research and Process Management allows our clients access to right-practices advisory and hands-on support in building lean and efficient businesses.

At a glimpse :

  • Sales Compensation Analytics
  • Logistics Analytics
  • AR/AP Improvement
  • Cloud Enablement

Client Speak

"Searce helped us trace and fix the leaks in our recovery process. We may have overlooked these small leaks in revenue given our day to day operational considerations. But it all adds up."
Our business-process team helped our client discover and fix a series of low-visibility but high-impact issues threatening accounts-receivables including duplicated invoices, over-payments and delays.


We hire passionate people who are excited about their work.

Outcome - We deliver better.

Our delivery team manages document-management and recovery support services for one of the world's largest logistics services providers.

Our Expertise.

  • Rating & Billing
  • Waybill and Break-bulk Processing
  • Shipment Track and Trace
  • Sales Compensation Analytics
  • Accounts Receivable Processing
  • Collections Analytics
  • Accounts Payable Processing and Auditing
  • Logistics Analytics
  • Outsourced Logistics Performance Management
  • Spend Analytics

Client Speak

"Searce helped us trace and fix the leaks in our recovery process. We may have overlooked these small leaks in revenue given our day to day operational considerations. But it all adds up."


We create engaging software products, improve business process & deliver high performance outcomes.

Founded in 2004, Searce is an innovation focussed cloud and analytics led business process transformation company. Specialties include logistics and analytics services, logistics support services cloud advisory, go-to-cloud strategy, business analytics dashboards & cloud enablement through transformation of how things are done. Searce has significant domain expertise and proprietary solutions for logistics, e-commerce and freight forwarding companies.

Searce is a 550+ people company, with presence at Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Houston, Los Angeles, Gurgaon, Bangalore and Chennai. Over the last one year, Searce has strengthened its analytics and cloud practise by acquiring companies operating in the Analytics, cloud advisory, cloud security and e-invoicing & payment solution space, such as Consularis, Megha IT Consulting , EraTera and others.

What does Searce do?

  1. Logistics Analytics - Delivering Better Order to Cash Cycles.
  1. Providing Logistics Analytics services, Searce works with top global logistics firms and freight forwarding companies in improving shipment & payment performance leveraging the use of auto-rating and electronic invoicing, AR Analytics, AP Analytics, quoting, pricing, and customer service functions to help optimize the ship to pay lifecycle.
  1. Cloud Solutions - Improving processes by leveraging technology
  1. Searce's Cloud Solutions division helps in define & refine the go-to-cloud strategy. As a premier partner for Google's enterprise business, Searce consults, implements, improves and transforms the various business processes for its customers. The cloud solutions team is responsible for ensuring 'True SaaSification', by replacing the on-premise or disconnected software and legacy applications with cloud solutions. This includes email and collaboration, intranet and communication portals, employee and management dashboards, backup and archival, document management and drive on cloud, CRM, invoicing, HR/HCM, helpdesk and workflows.
  1. Technology Services - Engineering Innovative solutions to accelerate transformation
  1. We create innovative software solutions to help companies scale and ride-the-cloud. Solutions include new age applications built on Google Glass or insights being provided on wearables such as android watch - for top financial institutions and banks, and intelligent invoice & pricing analytics for world's top logistics companies.

How does Searce work?

With a strong belief that 'Best Practices are Overrated', Searce assembles a small, highly empowered team of top performing engineers and business professionals who work to identify better ways of doing things. The innovation focussed work culture ensures that the team is 'encouraged to make mistakes' and question the status quo in order to improve processes and deliver transformation for our partners.

Outsourcing is out; Cosourcing is in!

Win-win happens with partnerships and not client-vendor relationships. Searce strongly believes in structuring long term co-sourcing partnerships with its customers. Such partnerships include CEVA Logistics, Flipkart, D-Mart, HCL Technologies, Lodha Group, George Little Management, Forbes Marshall, EMCO, Hiranandani Group, ICICI Bank, TTK Prestige, USV Limited, Ashok Piramal Group and Deepak Nitrite Ltd, + 500 others.

Hardik Parekh

Chief Executive Officer

Quick! What do you get if you throw in a Degree
in Mechanical Engineering from one continent, a
Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering from
another, a mind that loves to take things apart
and put it all together again and a mind that
chases perfection?

Why, Business Process Improvement,
Technology and paradigm shifts in Logistics
Analytics, of course.
What else?

Entirely meticulous, spontaneous and observant

- Hardik is the energy-core that powers Searce.

A Natural Design-Thinker, his keen mind
immerses itself in any problem he encounters,
until he figures out the most elegant way to fix
it, sans water, food and occasionally air. (This is
running the rest of us ragged, but it's not like
he's listening.) Hardik's ability to front-load
information is tremendous and it is not rare to
see him emerge a domain expert, days after he
has discovered a new vertical.

His current interests are in Work-flow engineering, Analytics & Management Dashboards, User Experience Design and Cloud Computing.

Three things good to know if you encounter
Hardik Parekh.

Hardik is a vegetarian. Stash that steak away.

Be a straight shooter, and be upfront. Everyone
discovers this sooner or later.

Phenomenal eye for spotting talent (Oh. Those interviews!)

Ami Parekh

Chief Financial Officer

As the CFO, Ami provides financial direction,
control and oversight to Searce. Ami has over 10
years of experience in working with various
accounting softwares for financial reporting and
MIS. She also carries over 5 years of UK
accounting experience working as a Business

Process Outsourcing Manager.
Ami is by qualification a Chartered Accountant
and a Company Secretary, which is the highest
qualification in the Company Law & Legal
compliance matters.

A rank holder(one of the Top 25 Rankers in India) in
her academic endeavors, Ami brings
rich experience in the fields of Finance and
Accounting, Compliance Assurance, MIS
reporting and Company law.

Mike Cary

Vice President

If Mike wrote this profile, it would be over by the time you reached this word. And somehow he would have found a way to convey exactly what needed to be said. While profile writers around the world won't be doing Mike any favors soon, the Airlines and Logistics industries cannot seem to get enough of him. Mike spent over 30 years improving delivery processes across brands such as Eagle Global Logistics, Continental Airlines,

If Mike finds you sensible however, you can expect his infectious child-like charm to sweep you up in his animated conversations with topics ranging from the impact of Greece on the global economy, to the authentic Italian restaurant he just visited. Mike is a problem solver that won't quit until he cracks what he set out to. In a good way.

Three things you ought to know if you encounter Mike Cary.

Be. Stop. Brief. Stop. Ok?

Deal Clincher? Beautiful Day, Great Green, Putting Iron.

Major turn-on: Logistics & Supply Chain Management.

Prabhash Ojha

Associate Vice President

You know that old saying, If both of us agree,
one of us is unnecessary. Prabhash is a classic
example. Both very necessary and integral to
Searce, you can expect Prabhash to fight and
joke and fight some more until the idea we are
arguing about is laid bare, vulnerable and naked
for all to see.

Prabhash is what you would expect of someone with over 15 years of experience in operations and delivery management in the domain of financial outsourcing. Neat as a pin, Prabhash crosses his Ts and dots his Os. Twice. So when he manages an offshore operations center you can expect nano-scale planning and perfect execution.

Three things you ought to know if you encounter Prabhash Ojha.
Liable to use an aircraft-flying metaphor, 9 times out of 10.
Can be bribed with really good food.
Good contender for the Jolly job if Santa Claus ever fell out of favor.

Vikas Dhawan

Chief Operating Officer

Can you imagine a freight train of ideas bearing down at you at 200 KMPH? Vikas is a phenomenally creative individual, capable of literally finding a solution to any problem that engages with his mind. His two decades of rigorous experience in ITES, IT and Management Consulting combined with his keen interest in the Arts & Culture spaces, Literature and Social Sciences means that he is able to balance his views between the practical and the aspirational.

(True innovation we know, lies somewhere in-between.)

When Vikas targets a problem, you can be rest assured that what emerges is an extremely creative solution, that everyone else around has missed out on. While his zany sense of humor keeps the rest of us buoyant, Vikas can be found pacing the office looking for problems he can get his teeth into.

Three things you ought to know if you encounter Vikas Dhawan.

That book title you want to suggest? He's already read it.

Passionate traveler and foodie who loves global cuisine

Incredibly compassionate. Can be expected to see the human side of anything.

Ekta Ganguly

Business Workflow Solutions Manager

Professor, headmistress, programmer, analyst,
tester, architect, delivery-lead, and doting mom.
Ekta wears many hats, including those called
python, perl, .net, php. She's been doing this for
13 years, and we shudder to think of all the other peaks that she aims to scale.
Quite logically, Ekta manages the Android,

iPhone and Google Apps team and dabbles with the latest in mobile App Engines. This girl knows how to fix stuff.

Three things you ought to know if you encounter Ekta Ganguly.

Her favorite status message is Do not disturb.

Favorite Toys: Mobile Devices. The iPads and the Android sorts. (Ironically, you can expect her to never answer calls while she's creating the next killer app.)

Used to teach Computer Science and has trained over 2000 students.

Pradeep Pavithran

Director Business Development

It's 1:00 AM. All is quiet, except for the quiet clickety-clack of the keyboard. It's probably Pradeep, a do-er if there ever was one. The energizer bunny at Searce, Pradeep is always calm, poised and confident that it will all get done. And it does. A Bachelor's degree in Science and an MBA in Marketing form the backdrop for this self-confessed workaholic's passions.

His constant composure reveals very little about what is really going on in his head. In all likelihood, it's the sound of the next big problem being solved.

Three things you ought to know if you encounter Pradeep Pavithran.

Approach him with a plan, never random thoughts. He

works better that way.

Most likely to be caught at a late night Hollywood blockbuster.

His face never betrays what he's thinking. We dare you to try.

We love what we do! And we do what we love!

We don't believe in work-life balance. Because work and life are not different.

Unwork @ Searce: If you work as a part of your current job, we will not hold it against you.

We welcome *really unconventional* creative thinkers - geeks, product developers, engineers, product managers, entrepreneurs who can work in an agile,
flexible, innovative environment. We are a very flat organization with no bureaucracy, unlimited growth opportunities, and small team sizes wherein
flexibility is a must, mistakes are encouraged, creativity is rewarded, and excitement is required!
Open Positions -
Business Process Improvement Analyst
Location: Humble, TX area.
Description: This role involves developing and implementing Business Process Improvement approach within the organization by providing strategic transformational expertise through the deployment of Business Process Improvement Systems, related tools and thought processes. As a part of this position you will be responsible to contribute to business results through quality of results, advice and decisions and acts as the key subject matter expert regarding process improvement initiatives.

Mail us your resumes here:

Searce Acquires Consularis: Emerges Stronger in Google Apps Solutions, Cloud Services

Searce Acquires EraTera Strengthens Cloud Solutions Portfolio, Leveraging Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning.

Recent News

US Truckload Carriers Muster Decent Q3 Result Despite Lukewarm Freight Environment
Overall Profits Up Just 2.8%, but There Were Winners and Losers; New HOS Rules had an Impact, but in the Low Single Digits

In an volume environment that appears to have been modest at best, US public truckload carriers posted overall decent but decidedly mixed results in Q3. SC Digest is here this week with a review of Q3 and year-to-date 2013 results from our group of seven publicly traded carriers (note: giant Schneider National continues to be a private company). That includes both summary tables of financial and operating results as well as any noteworthy commentary from the various Q3 earnings releases. Both should be of interest to shippers. More on this report and Source at click here.

Q3 transportation and logistics M&A activity is up slightly, reports PwC
Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) reported that third quarter merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in the transportation and logistics sectors saw a slight bump. Deals cited by PwC represent all announced deals for the quarter-as opposed to completed deals only-and the report does not parse out deals that are withdrawn, intended, or pending. Third quarter deal value-for deals valued at $50 million or more-was $10.2 billion and represents 40 announced deals compared to the second quarter, which had 37 deals totaling $16.3 billion. Even though there was a sequential gain, PwC described total deal value as "anemic", with the weakest quarterly average deal size-$256 million-in the last four years. And on an annual basis, deal value and volume for the quarter fell compared to a year ago, which saw 42 deals for a cumulative $19.5 billion. More inputs and source at click here

Success Story
Searce improves Account Receivables (AR) process and reduces operational costs significantly.
Challenge: Increasing operational cost due to High Accounts Receivable (AR) Customer had to identify, analyse and solve a chronic problem plaguing the freight forwarding industry - Invoicing! Researching through AR would tell how important it is to invest in fixing the Invoicing process. A solution will enable increased cash flows on a longer term basis. Typically companies fall into a trap by initiating a knee jerk reaction 'Hire more collectors!', it may fix the issue temporarily. Customer was looking for a long term solution which is sustainable. Solution from Searce A team of well qualified experts analysed processes and provided a summary of issues and possible solutions to fix those issues. An account profiling exercise that yielded in following results:
  • Identify key problem areas
  • Quantifiable performance metrics
  • Benchmark baseline values for each account by shipment type and transport mode
How did they go about solving the problem? To know more write to

Tech Bytes
WiseTech Global launches LDaaS: a ground-breaking software and device concept for the logistics industry
LDaaS, Logistics Device-as-a-Service, is set to make mobility affordable for all logistics businesses looking to maximise operational productivity and management WiseTech Global, the world-class developer of technology solutions for the logistics industry, and Motorola Solutions have worked together to make mobility an affordable option for transport companies and to reduce the cost of RF in warehouses. The Logistics Device-as-a-Service (LDaaS) program sees WiseTech's leading logistics and transport software products, Cargo Wise and TransLogix, being packaged with Motorola Solutions' latest handheld ruggedized mobile devices and a SIM card. Initially available in Australia and New Zealand, LDaaS offers an affordable comprehensive mobility solution for a monthly fee similar to that of a smartphone plan-a first for the logistics industry. More info and Source at click here.

About Searce Inc:
We create engaging software products, improve business process, and deliver high performance outcomes.





Searce's capabilities have been developed through years of experience in conceptualizing solutions for the most difficult and
complex challenges faced by our clients. And all our capabilities are completely focused on the issues most important to our clients.

Write to us about your challenges. We'll be glad to hear from you!

As mentioned in our privacy policy we do not rent,sell or disclose your personally identifying information to other companies or individuals. We do not send out spurious emails. if you prefer not hearing from us at all.

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