Support Packages - Cloud Managed Services

Service Packages
Cloud Care Basic
Cloud Care Advanced
Cloud Care Premium
Infra Management - Cloud Operations
Cloud Platform Support (AWS/GCP)
24/7 Monitoring (Infra Performance + Public Endpoints)
Proactive Incident / Change / Problem Management
OS Management (Patching + Hardening)
Cloud Components (Patching + Hardening)
Control on Breaches - Security Operations
Identity & Access Control
Console based MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) support
Native security support (Infra and Network layer)
VPN / Network segmentation support
Application level native security support (WAF & DDoS)
Audit remediation support
Review | Reporting | Optimisation
Wellness reviews Yearly Half yearly Quarterly
Cadence call / CAB meeting / Steering Committee meeting Quarterly Quarterly Monthly
Reporting Monthly Monthly Monthly
Consulting & Training hours (Request based)/td> 2 per Quarter 3 per Quarter 4 per Quarter
Named Technical Account Manager (TAM)
Business Resiliency - BCP (Backup & DR)
Support for Cloud Native Backup
Backup policy management and testing
DR Management (Replication & DR Site)
DR Drills 1 per year 2 per year
Backup and DR support with 3rd party tool #
Automation - App Deployment Automation
Kubernetes and Containers support
DevOps - CI / CD Pipeline support
Infrastructure as Code - Automation support
Configuration Management
Miscellaneous Services
Load testing / Performance testing
Service Levels
Cloud Care Basic
Cloud Care Advanced
Cloud Care Premium
Support Coverage 24 x 7 x 365 24 x 7 x 365 24 x 7 x 365
Incident Response time SLO 30 Minutes for all 30 Minutes for all 15 Minutes for all
Service Requests (P4) - Response 4 hours 4 hours 4 hours
Pricing (% of the monthly cloud consumption on the CSP)
>= 10%
(Minimum $ 2 K PM MSP Billing)
>= 15%
(Minimum $3.5 K PM MSP Billing)
>= 25%
(Minimum $6K PM MSP Billing)
Optional Services (Ala-carte @ T&E basis)
Dedicated DBA Support
Database Administration & Performance tuning
Premium Support from OEM
Named Technical Account Manager (TAM)
Application Performance Monitoring - Configuration and Reporting