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retailers that transform the fastest are the most successful. We help retailers, cpg and e-commerce companies to embrace the future, adapt to market changes and provide their customers with seamless personalized experiences.

modernize faster

Run your business on powerful, reliable and scalable infrastructure

Want high performance, near-zero-lag, super fast loading speeds, no crashes during peak times? We help make this a reality.

analyze better

Power your business with modern data solutions

Want to improve customer acquisition and retention, drive better decisions for customers and run operations efficiently? Start your data journey today.

improve with AI

Build the future with expert Applied AI partner

Improve operational excellence, transform customer experiences, reduce churn and build lifetime value.

solving for

Demand Forecasting

  • Factor in local-market conditions for accuracy
  • Minimize stock outs and excess inventory
  • Predict demand for new products

Recommendation Engines

  • Deliver personalized product recommendations
  • Cross-sell complementary items
  • Customize landing pages

Automate Customer Segmentation

  • Retail Analytics:Assign customers to different clusters
  • Easy, personalized media targeting
  • Product differentiation through target segment fit
  • Customer support through CCAI

Churn Prediction

  • Estimate user’s likelihood to churn
  • Identify touchpoints in a customer journey that can limit churn

Employ Location Intelligence Tools

  • Real-time information about store timings
  • Place Autocomplete API for location accuracy
  • Live tracking of package delivery

Automate Planogram Compliance

  • Ensure store arrangement compliance
  • Measure the impact of planogram compliance on sales
  • Manage shelf-replenishment through automation

take advantage of our robust retail & e-commerce offerings giving retailers a strong competitive advantage, driving growth and accelerating innovation.

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