get ready for Industry 4.0. Leverage technology to break traditional barriers, achieve operational excellence and lead the way to innovation.

modernize faster

Transform your infrastructure and make it cost-effective, fast and efficient

Your pit-stop on the way to digital transformation. We help you migrate workloads to the cloud to reduce costs, increase agility and power innovation.

analyze better

Leverage IoT, edge analytics to & discover actionable insights

Data is the new oil. Power your innovation with analytics, improve efficiency & build for scale.

improve with AI

Optimize efficiency and exceed customer expectations with Applied AI

We help you discover the potential of AI across the entire manufacturing value chain

solving for

Visual Quality Inspection

  • Decrease product return/rework costs
  • Classify material based on quality
  • Cut out manual inspection

Customer Service with NLP

  • Discover virtual agents
  • Optimize call centre analytics
  • Reduce wait time with customer support chatbots

Enable Remote Working

  • Enable real-time collaboration between teams
  • Utilize automation tools to enable smarter work from any location

Data Modernization and Analytics

  • Streamline data collection and storage
  • Leverage data to unlock valuable insights
  • Unify mass amounts of data

Leverage Location Intelligence

  • Real-time traffic insights
  • Tracking solutions to optimize delivery
  • RFID scanners to automate freight management

Hybrid cloud with Anthos

  • Hybrid cloud with Anthos
  • Migrate enterprise workloads to cloud to reduce cost and maintenance
  • Enable quick access to the latest technologies

embrace smart manufacturing and be a path-breaker in the industry by leveraging our technical knowledge and cloud and AI expertise

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