Unlock the Power of GenAI in Data Analytics

Predictive power, automation magic, and boundless potential - Your data-driven journey starts with Generative AI.

Imagine effortlessly understanding customer behavior and solving business problems with precision. Unlike regular LLMs, our Data Analytics dashboard powered by GenAI ensures precise and accurate insights without hallucinations. Reasoning is done by the database, not the LLM, ensuring reliability in every analysis.

Picture this: a B2B SaaS provider with a significant presence in the US, spanning four business segments with diverse subscription tiers, uncovering hidden insights on profitability across industries & geographies. The GenAI difference lies in its ability to deliver actionable insights without the need for days of intern labor or the nagging concern about accuracy. This is a net-new use case, made possible only by GenAI's unique capabilities in transforming the world of data analytics.

Don't miss out on the future; dive into the demo led by AI visionary and real solver, Patrick Bangert, SVP - Data, Analytics & AI, now and experience the power of GenAI firsthand!

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