Accelerating Open Source Observability

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The cost associated with operating several popular legacy SaaS options, including license fees, server costs, data ingestion, storage, infrastructure, as well as support and maintenance, can be overwhelming for many organizations.

Choosing open-source solutions such as Grafana, Mimir, Loki, and Tempo deployed on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) within the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) ecosystem can deliver up to 40% in overall savings.

Searce's observability solution gives you:
  • Access to multi-cloud visibility.
  • Cloud flexibility with a pay-as-you-go model.
  • An environment to build production-ready workloads.

The Power of Observability with Searce

Want to know what's happening inside your systems? Get valuable insights into the performance of your workloads, helping you enhance customer experience, business continuity, and risk mitigation.

Futurify with Searce's Observability Solution

Searce's engineering-led modern consulting approach empowers you to futurify by delivering real business outcomes

Unified visibility lets you analyze metrics, traces, and logs from disparate sources, no matter the platform, enabling you to plan for future capacity through data-driven decisions.

We have helped our customers save costs and deliver a smooth user experience across all platforms, boosting satisfaction, loyalty, and retention with proactive monitoring.

Enhanced business centric visualization

Leveraging a holistic perspective allows for proactive tracking of application performance and user interaction, ensuring a uniform and effortless customer experience across a variety of platforms.

Faster mobilization and consistency across environments

This consistency simplifies operations, makes troubleshooting more efficient, and reduces the risk of issues caused by environmental differences. Standardization promotes uniformity in practices.

Optimized performance and reliability

Streamlined, standardized observability practices allow organizations to continuously monitor and fine-tune their systems for optimal performance and reliability.

Reduced human error

Automation and streamlining reduce the potential for human errors during observability setup and management. A uniform observability stack across all environments fosters operational consistency and facilitates rapid issue resolution.

Free from vendor lock-in

This vendor-agnostic approach liberates your organization from overreliance on a particular cloud provider, allowing you to make strategic decisions based on your other pivotal considerations.

Simplified processes and better agility

Streamlining this aspect via ArgoCD deployment of updates for all observability Helm Charts ensures that the observability stack remains current and aligned with evolving business needs. This proactive approach minimizes downtime, maintains data accuracy, and enhances overall system performance.

Scalability capabilities & cost efficiency

Our observability stack can seamlessly adapt with minimal adjustments. This adaptability and scalability empower your business to accommodate growth and evolving operational needs.

Foster internal skill development & standardized deployments

Efficient observability extends to platform onboarding, where organizations use ArgoCD to deploy platform-specific Helm charts. Optimizing this process ensures rapid integration of new platforms into the observability framework, supporting agility in multi-cloud or hybrid environments.

Data-driven strategic decision making

Access to integrated metrics, traces, and logs supports evidence-based selections ensuring that your business strategy is aligned with the insights derived from observability.

Comprehensive security and regulatory adherence

Holistic monitoring delivers early identification of security risks and vulnerabilities across all operational contexts. It further streamlines compliance endeavors by providing a consolidated perspective of security and audit logs. This reduces the potential for breaches and the associated risks of regulatory non-compliance.

We believe in empowering your team and establishing a comprehensive knowledge repository that provides easy access to sustained unit economics.


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