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empower employees, perfect client experiences & much more by solving for your business needs with our domain & technical expertise.

solve for better ‘everything’ across your organization as you provide significantly improved experiences for your customers.

AI pilot strategy
  • identifying and successfully executing on that first AI use case to build the momentum for a robust AI strategy.
  • leverage our expertise across industry specific use cases to pick a quick win & start your AI journey.
AI enablement workshops
  • hands-on labs with your data science and machine learning teams to stay current with the latest tools and technologies.
  • learn about AI Platforms, Document AI, Conversational AI, advances in Vision, NLP, Text to Speech, Textract and other widely used APIs across major public cloud providers.
  • custom sessions which can span across infrastructure, data and AI use cases and how to arrive at a plan of action considering all three.
AI Strategy & Futurify workshops
  • bring together the business demands along with the latest happenings in the industry.
  • hosted by industry experts, these sessions will allow business leaders to craft a niche strategy on how to integrate AI within the broader business.
  • build business cases, technical center of excellence’s in making your organization truly AI ready.

engagement approach

Our custom workshops and/or one time
pro-serv engagements allow us to meet you where you are. Typical process involves:


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We help you embrace change by creating newer ways to work or optimising existing processes.

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