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Searching for quick and accurate information from your organizational content can be quite daunting. In the vast sea of data your business handles, finding that crucial piece of information quickly can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

But what if we told you that enterprise search is about much more than just searching? Add Generative AI capabilities into the mix, and now you can democratize access to information more effectively and deeply than ever before!

Leverage your enterprise knowledge base to power conversational apps that can answer complex questions, produce accurate summaries that synthesize many sources, and help your people get the information they need, faster. The future of Enterprise Search has arrived, and it's been designed with you in mind!

Introducing GenAI-powered Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search brings together the power of deep information retrieval, state-of-the-art natural language processing, and the latest in large language processing. It's designed to understand user intent, content, and context of the search, delivering the most relevant responses to users.

At the core of this transformative solution is a powerful ally: increased productivity. On average, desk workers spend up to 40% of their day searching for information. Enterprise search offers over 30% additional productivity for knowledge workers, streamlining the information-seeking process like never before!

Key Features

With Enterprise Search, you'll effortlessly be able to navigate through vast content pools, making informed decisions faster and delivering unparalleled search experiences to and for your employees and customers.

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