Enterprise Search: The Secret Weapon for Data-Driven Decision Making

Digging through mails and documents to find the company policy? Forgot where the file with important client information was stored? Want to access all of this information with the tap of a button? The future is here.

In today's content-rich world, finding valuable information swiftly is paramount. However, there are misconceptions about the nature of enterprise search and its impact on organizations. As enterprise information has grown more complex and information sources more varied, users have grown to expect a similar experience to searching on the Internet.

Integrating Generative AI (GenAI) into search technology not only accelerates information retrieval but also enhances the precision of search results, thus facilitating quicker decision-making for your organization. It has the capacity to digest all information and supply a well-formed answer to a question with references to source documents, thereby streamlining the process of discovering information from the bulk of your enterprise content.

Even in the era of GenAI, successfully deploying a generative search solution in organizations goes beyond mere access to powerful foundation models. It needs to ground model outputs in specific data, so that they are less likely to include mistakes. Robust safeguards are essential to protect enterprise content, and a high-performance, scalable process is crucial.

Enterprise Search - The Future of Content Discovery

Enterprise Search enables generative search functionality within the trove of information your organization possesses by facilitating search engines that ground outputs in specific content sources to ensure accuracy and relevance. It can handle multimodal content, including images, and offers controls for how answer summaries are generated. Enterprise Search also allows users to ask follow-up questions as they explore outputs through multi-turn conversations, enabling faster closure in the decision making process.

Its your key to:

Improved productivity: According to a report by IDC, the knowledge worker spends about 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30% of the workday, searching for information. Another report by McKinsey talks about how a searchable record of knowledge can reduce, by as much as 35%, the time employees spend searching for company information. The capacity to enhance time management skills is a significant advantage, and Enterprise Search can empower users to achieve unparalleled productivity.

Enhanced relevance: Say goodbye to traditional keyword-based searches. Enterprise Search leverages the latest innovations in Generative AI and embeddings to understand content relationships and user intent, and provide contextual responses. That means you get results that matter.

Faster information retrieval: You can build AI-powered search engines for both customers and employees. Enterprise Search can quickly index and search through large volumes of content, making it easy for users to find the information they need.

Informed decision making: Enterprise search can help department heads and leadership teams make better decisions by giving them access to useful information they need, without all the noise.

Case in point - You want to know if the NDA with company X, your long-standing client, has a termination clause. Previously, you'd have to look for that document and read through it. Now you can just ask that question and receive an answer. This question scales easily over all your NDAs or other documents.

Extending this to your existing customer data, imagine being able to seek answers to high-level queries to the totality of thousands of recorded customer phone call. You can derive statistics and patterns directly by asking questions of this haystack of content, and receive the informative needle you were looking for. This is unprecedented, a true competitive advantage in today's digital world.

How Industries Leverage Enterprise Search

Industries of all types are harnessing GenAI-powered Enterprise Search to transform how they manage and extract value from their data. Some popular industry-wide use cases include:

  • Inventory search: Conduct in-store search, replacements, other stock information, to get an accurate snapshot of the inventory
  • Lookup for employees by skills to build projects: Explore centralized enterprise content to find the right people for staffing/consulting/planning by high-level parameters like profiles, expertise, work history
  • Customer support: Offer first-call resolutions to customers by providing a differentiated client experience, enabled by GenAI-powered contextual conversations

We've been witnessing leading global organizations re-discover themselves, by breaking down information silos and enabling people with information at their fingertips for quick and informed decision making. Here's a glimpse of how GenAI-powered Enterprise Search has helped them.

Streamlined Financial Search

Within the financial sector, our Enterprise Search solution enables you to:

  • Identify investment products that meet your specific criteria, such as rates, APY, issuer name, and payment period. This can be extremely valuable for finance professionals as well as users exploring your digital platform.
  • Search for contracts by company name and access comprehensive details. For example, an insurance company can find all the contracts they have with a particular reinsurer by simply entering the reinsurer's name.
  • Perform precise contract searches, for intellectual property like patents or trademarks, with specific details and specialization.
  • Access a comprehensive knowledge base, such as those for regulatory information. You can ask questions and receive the exact answer, and also ensure compliance with evolving industry standards.

Enhanced Healthcare Navigation

In the healthcare industry, Enterprise Search solution empowers medical professionals, administrators and patients with the ability to:

  • Quickly access your patients' comprehensive medical records history
  • Effortlessly retrieve doctor details, including their location and specialization
  • Provide personalized recommendations to patients for local doctors based on their specialization. Your patients can ask for the best oncologist near them and get contact information and ratings right away
  • Seamlessly find information on drugs and prescriptions. For pharmacists or healthcare providers searching for these on a daily basis, accurate healthcare delivery becomes just a tap away!
  • Easily find information on symptoms and articles, and connect with relevant healthcare professionals, while on your research to develop innovative, life-saving treatments

Stop searching, start discovering

Enterprise Search emerges as the secret weapon, transforming how industries access, manage, and extract value from vast information troves. As our journey through the landscape of Enterprise Search unfolds, it's evident that industries of all types are leveraging GenAI-powered solutions to streamline their operations and enhance productivity.

In essence, Enterprise Search isn't just about finding content; it's about unleashing the power of data-driven decision making. It's about saving precious time and resources while enhancing the way we work. It's about discovering and solving for new opportunities and challenges. As we embrace this future, one thing is clear: Enterprise Search emerges as the compass that leads us to a treasure trove of insights. Identifying relevant use cases for your enterprise and setting up the right search and access tools can make a world of difference.

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