Aruba leverages AWS, DevOps tools to build, deploy and manage EKS Services

Introduction and Challenges

Aruba is the global leader in wired, wireless, and SD-WAN solutions provider who is looking for end-to-end automation of build, deploy and maintain EKS Services across multiple regions such as US, EMEA and APAC simultaneously. As applications are scattered and use different cloud computing services such as IaaS and PaaS, Aruba Global Network needed reusable end-to-end Infrastructure automation using IaC.

Considering the challenges listed above, the Aruba team is seeking support from Searce to automate the environment and even validated the setup along with completing exploratory testing to ensure highest quality of standards and customer satisfaction.

Searce Solution

The infrastructure for Aruba had a multi account and multi region setup. Searce redesigned this and proposed a solution to create a common Shared account to maintain Infrastructure and Application codebase, and Build projects and Pipelines. Consequently, it helped application developers and DevOps teams by making their jobs easier and helped avoid redundant code across multiple accounts. Thereby increasing efficiency.

We enabled reusable Terraform modules to create the entire infrastructure (the components includes Networking components, EC2, DynamoDB, RDS, EMR, MSK, WAF, Cloudfront, EKS cluster with Autoscaler) in Prod and Non-Prod environments across different regions. With IaC, Aruba can now easily modify resource configurations and re-size based on the demand for future needs. Our new architecture included CI/CD pipelines using AWS native DevOps tools, for elasticity and high availability.

Team Searce developed automation to provision AWS DevOps services using IaC, helping the Aruba team to deploy 55+ MicroServices both in Prod and Non-Prod across multiple regions.

Business Impact

WWith the new Architecture design and AWS' services Aruba was able to:

  • Successfully automate the deployment of AWS infrastructure as per best practices with Terraform as Infrastructure as code (Iac).
  • Organize and set up AWS Codecommit for source code management and provide solutions on branching strategy and Release process.
  • Deploy AWS code for fully managing docker images, pushing to ECR and to deploy EKS services.
  • Leverage the Automated Elastic Beanstalk application deployment to optimize on time.
  • Orchestrate EKS deployment using AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodePipeline.
  • Automate deployment of helm charts to deploy monitoring tools such as Prometheus, Grafana and Thanos.
  • Automate deployment of Logging using EFK on EKS cluster.
  • Automate provisioning and configuration of time series database InfluxDB with Terraform as Infrastructure as code.
  • Searce helped Aruba with end-to-end validations in several AWS regions.

Business Transformation

The successful implementation of DevOps tools reduced the issues associated with the traditional release process enabling quick innovation, reduced need to rework tasks and saved the organization time and costs.This also improved their frequency of new releases and monitored bug fixes with no complexity.

Technology Transformation

The organization shifted to the Infrastructure as code (Iac) model of building AWS services. AWS DevOps tools helped them speed up their software release process, reduce repeated tasks, improve application consistency across all environments and reduce manual errors.