Prime Captain Prioritizes Innovation and Ensures Smooth Scaling with Searce and AWS


PrimeCaptain is a fantasy sports platform that offers the simplest ways of playing fantasy games. With only one environment for production and other lower environments and all their deployments being carried out manually, they were unable to certify the build during testing and deploy it on the live production environment. Their other significant challenge was that the Application wasn't able to handle bulk requests, failed to respond and slowed down during the busy sports season. That's where Searce stepped in.

Searce Solution

Searce automated the provisioning of Dev and Staging environments using terraform for the customer and deployed the CICD pipelines for EKS and Auto Scaling Groups by leveraging AWS Native Developer tools.

The AWS set up was designed and deployed in a way that it could scale with peak loads.

  • Created separate environments for Dev, Staging and Production
  • Deployed the infrastructure by using Terraform
  • Created VPC peering among the Dev, Staging and Production for private connections
  • Automated the deployment of web tier by using CodeCommit, CodeBuild and CodeDeploy on AutoScaling Group
  • Automated the deployment of App tier by using CodeCommit, CodeBuild on EKS
  • Modified the Aerospike Database storage layer to handle around 5000 IOPS and 150 throughput
  • Implemented the Managed Scale EMR with the combination On Demand and Spot Instances to reduce the cost and to scale EMR based on load
Business Impact
  • Reduced the complexity of the release process
  • Test the builds and certify the builds before deploying on Production environment
  • Redesigned the architecture helped the team to handle the peak load without any timeout errors
  • Increased the pace of innovation and reduced rework to ensure time and money were saved
About Prime Captain

PrimeCaptain is a fantasy sports platform for the sports enthusiasts all over the world for fantasy games. The application offers game series like Cricket, Football, Basketball, and Baseball.

The platform offers the simplest way of playing fantasy games. The users create virtual teams consisting of players who actually play these games in real life. These virtual teams are then rewarded based on the points depending on the performance of the real players in the real games.

Industry: Gaming
Location: India