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Streamline your AI development and deployment with Google Cloud's GenAI suite, with our unique blend of unmatched AI expertise and commercial understanding.

Vertex AI Platform

Searce unlocks Vertex AI's potential (Gemini, Model Garden) for efficient ML workflows & rapid AI deployment. Our combined expertise simplifies AI strategy, enabling businesses with fully managed solutions

Key Features:

  • Gemini: Google's advanced multimodal model available in Vertex AI.
  • Model Garden: Access to 130+ generative AI models and tools.
  • Integrated AI platform: Streamlined ML workflow with purpose-built MLOps tools.
  • Search and Conversation: Fast deployment of enterprise-ready AI applications.
  • AI Solutions: Contact Center AI, Document AI, and more for specific business needs.
  • Fully Managed Tools: Training, tuning, and deploying ML models made easy.

Computer Vision

Intelligent Document Processing

Conversational AI

Customer Support Automation

Custom AI models

Vertex AI Search & Conversation

We harness Vertex AI Search & Conversation for faster, secure chatbot & search app development. Leverage Google's no-code tools for precision and personalization while maintaining full control over data access, all with our expert guidance.

  • Build and Deploy Quickly: No-code app creation for natural language search and information retrieval with citations.
  • Single Platform Solution: Build chatbots & search engines with customization options (Vector Search, Enterprise Knowledge Graph, or Contact Center AI).
  • Personalized Experiences: Multi-modal & multi-turn interactions for user-specific information discovery.
  • Maintain Control: Control data access, indexing, and user interactions - ensuring data privacy and compliance with HIPAA, DRZ, etc.

Customer Support Chatbots

Enterprise Knowledge Management

E-commerce Product Search

Virtual Assistants

Internal Helpdesk Solutions

Gemini for Google Cloud

Unlocking Gemini's advanced multimodal capabilities, we craft innovative AI solutions that adapt to user needs (diverse inputs, tailored outputs) across industries, enhancing user experiences.

  • Multimodal Model: Understands text, images, and voice seamlessly.
  • Advanced Reasoning: Generates accurate and context-aware responses.
  • Widespread Applicability: Supports diverse use cases across industries.

Natural Language Understanding

Image Recognition

Document Processing

our engagement approach

Every GenAI journey is unique. That's why we offer a flexible engagement model that adapts to your specific needs and goals. Whether you're just starting out or looking to optimize existing AI initiatives, we have the expertise to help you succeed.

Here's how we tailor our approach:

Executive Briefing

This engagement is just the beginning: It introduces concepts while providing a comprehensive overview of GenAI.

We will explore use cases and set the stage for a more robust discussion.

2 hours (Complimentary)

Futurify Workshop

This live and customized 1-day workshop, leverages design thinking to derive a clear direction for growth and innovation, together with a rough roadmap to get there.

This abbreviated version of the 2-day workshop starts from a scoped starting point and delivers a condensed proposal.

1 Day

Futurify Workshop (extended)

Craft a vision for your future along with a concrete implementation roadmap in this interactive 2-day workshop, harnessing design thinking principles.

You will be equipped with a vision for your GenAI future, and a step-by-step proposal for actualizing it.

2 Days

Solvers at Work

We make it real and remove technical roadblocks. Building on the outcomes from the Futurify workshop, we get hands-on and explore the design paths required to move towards production.

Your technical teams are engaged, we experiment and refine, and leave without barriers.

1.5 Days


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