Searce Teams with Google Cloud to Build & Deliver Generative AI Powered Solutions To Clients

Committed to solving differently, Searce focuses on delivering real industry outcomes using Google Cloud's generative AI capabilities.

Google Cloud Generative AI

San Francisco, California [June 06, 2023] — Searce, a modern technology consulting firm that empowers businesses to be future-ready, has announced an alliance with Google Cloud to bring generative AI powered solutions to the market. This collaboration reinforces Searce's commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver real outcomes.

"We are energized with the GenAI-inspired 'openness to experiment' and new found 'AI-curiosity' of customer executive teams to accelerate their businesses towards the future. 'Possible, it is.' has always been the approach at Searce-led business futurify workshops. This 'Possible, it is' energy has found a new expression in the form of GenAI for the largest of enterprises. Searce solvers are diligently translating whiteboard designs into real outcomes that can be felt by customers and experienced by their end users rapidly. We are excited to partner with Google Cloud and engage with mutual customers to 'solve differently' and help them in their journey towards the future, faster and better than ever experienced before," said Hardik Parekh, Founder and CEO at Searce.

Searce defines 'futurify' as helping customers 1) Reimagine what's next. 2) Redefine the how. 3) Realize the next, now. This alliance aims to harness the power of generative AI and expand the way Searce empowers its clients by delivering real outcomes. By leveraging Google's advanced generative AI technologies, such as Vertex AI and the PaLM Foundation Model, Searce will unlock new use cases that will drive tangible value and outcomes for enterprises. With access to the vast array of open-source and third-party models through Google Cloud's Model Garden, Searce envisions a multitude of applications across industries. This collaboration equips Searce with the necessary resources to develop and enhance business applications, driving new levels of innovation and ways of working within enterprises across financial services, healthcare and life sciences, retail and CPG, and travel, transportation, and logistics verticals.

"We are thrilled to deepen our partnership with Google Cloud to tailor and deploy their general-purpose tools and models, addressing the unique needs of our customers," said Patrick Bangert, SVP Data, Analytics, and AI at Searce. "Our commitment to delivering safe and responsible AI applications involves curating datasets, conducting transfer learning, establishing secure tool pipelines, and ensuring compliance with legal codes. Through this collaboration, we will create innovative, intelligent, and smart applications that will drive real business value. We are super excited to start solving some complex challenges through our highly engaged 'Futurify Workshops'."

"Generative AI consulting and delivery capabilities from Searce will bring new and innovative solutions to organizations across industries," says Jim Anderson, Vice President, NA Partner Ecosystem & Channels at Google Cloud. "We're excited to expand our work with Searce and customers to accelerate their AI-driven transformations."

Searce has been a partner for Google Cloud and a specialized SI for over 14 years. Searce currently holds 7+ specializations and 20+ expertise credentials on Google Cloud and has a deep global resource pool of Google-certified architects and engineers to help clients #futurify their businesses. Additionally, Searce is also a signature sponsor for the 2023 Google Cloud Next conference happening at Moscone Center, San Francisco, in August this year.

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Founded in 2004, Searce is a modern technology consulting firm that empowers clients to futurify their businesses by leveraging Cloud, AI and analytics. Searce provides deep technical consulting, hands-on implementation and 24/7 cloud, data, ML & business ops, enabling the digital transformation across enterprises globally. Driven by an engineering excellence mindset, Searce delivers intelligent, impactful, and futuristic business outcomes.

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